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Marriage is not something you die for” – Mary Urantha bares it all

Nollywood Actress Mary Urantha, who has remained a stunner on screen has maintained that ‘love can not stand in a way in her career

In a recent interview she granted Telegraph, the Rivers State born movie star said; “Love and marriage is a good thing. Everybody wishes for love. Every woman wishes for marriage, but it is not something you die for.

When it comes, it comes. I can’t force myself into anything. When you force yourself into marriage, you find yourself coming out.

Love cannot stand in my way of career because first of all, I cannot date a man who doesn’t support my career. A man who loves me will love my passion, my career, everything around me. When you find a man who doesn’t love or support you, it is very simple, it just shows that the man is not for you. My first priority for a man is you must love my family. Career is even secondary. A man that loves you will love everything about you.”

‎On how she maintains a flawless skin, she said ” I don’t have any beauty routine. Let me shock you, I hardly go to the spa for facials. I have never done facials before in my entire life. It is funny, but it is the truth. I don’t even use a lightening cream, I do moisturizers. If you have seen my family, you will notice that I am the darkest. My siblings are white, that’s the truth.”

Movie she wouldn’t dare play:  “I’m comfortable with any role, that’s what makes me an actress. The only thing I can’t do is going nude. Some will say they can act with pant and bra, but for me, that’s nudity. I can’t do that. I can never do that because this is Africa.
This is not Hollywood. Maybe that is why I am not as famous as others.‎”

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